'Gazelle' companies on the move in Liaoning

Published on 04/20 2020  Source: China Daily


Dalian Dalicap Technology Co Ltd, a fast-growing "gazelle" company in Liaoing province, is building a new plant in Dalian Jinpu New Area, the 10th national new area established in China.

"It is expected to be completed and put into operation next March," said Liu Xibi, president and CEO of Dalicap, a national high-tech enterprise in research and development, manufacturing and sales of multi-layer ceramic capacitors.

"We are benefiting from the rapid development of the 5G communication market, intelligent driving of new energy vehicles and other related fields, as well as the urgent need for domestic substitution of high-end electronic components," Liu said.

"Gazelle" companies and "unicorn" startups are becoming the new force of science and technology innovation in Liaoning province.

In the past two years, Liaoning has established a gradient cultivation system of small and medium-sized scientific and technological enterprises, high-tech enterprises and gazelle and unicorn companies.

By means of policy incentives, platform construction, and project support, the province is guiding the enterprises to improve their capacity for independent innovation.

Statistics from the Science and Technology Department of Liaoning province show that among the 134 gazelle and unicorn enterprises in Liaoning province, 62.7 percent have set up research and development institutions, and scientific and technological personnel account for 30.5 percent of the total number of their employees.

Their average research and development expenses are 20 million yuan ($2,827,654) each. The cumulative number of authorized invention patents is 709, and the average ownership is 7.9 times that of high-tech enterprises in the province.

"These enterprises are characterized by strong innovative capacity, rapid development and broad market prospects," said Song Xingkui, an official with the provincial science and technology department.

"It will play a positive role in promoting development of emerging industries and promoting the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones," Song added.

In order to cultivate more "gazelle" and "unicorn" enterprises, Liaoning province will continue to promote science and technology innovation to lead industrial revitalization, and strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in innovation.(Source: China Daily)