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Patent Analysis

Supported by powerful mathematical statistics and intelligent information mining technology, Patent Information Analysis System established a complete patent information analysis work flow from patent data acquisition, data processing, statistical analysis, information cluster, demonstration in figures and diagrams to patent analysis report completion. It is an indispensable tool for patent information users to use patent information, excavate patent technology development trends, news of competitors and geographic distribution of patent protection. 


●Include 8 main analysis module, more than 30 fixed analysis module, more than 400 user-defined analysis module and 3 kinds of patent analysis report module.
●New download way of internet resources, support data resource download of patent domestic and overseas.
●Providing patent information deep-indexing tools including applicant indexing, keyword indexing
●Understanding the whole trend of the industrial, mining R&D focus
●Tracing Competitor technology trend
●Identifing Potential Partners
●Data Acquisition
●Keywords and applicant Indexing
●Statistic analysis
●Report generation