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CNIPR Search

The CNIPR Search contains all Chinese patent data and integrate the function of patent search, analysis, alerting system, information management and machine translation together. The deep-indexed Chinese Pharmaceutical Patent Data is also introduced into the system. CNIPR search is the efficient tool for government, enterprise to make intellectual property strategy and business development strategy.


Powerful Search Function
More search function available
Company code introduced
Full text search for Chinese patent
Cross-language search breaks language barrier
Semantic search leads to the new concept for patent search 
Visualized Patent Analysis and Alerting
Quantitative Statistics: Tracing the technology trend
Activity Index Alerting: Monitoring the latest development in real-time
Cluster map and citation analysis: Deep Mining the "trap" and "opportunity" in patent information
More data linkage
Citation, patent families, legal status and legal decision data linked with patent records
English-Chinese online machine translated data available; Novelty and infringement research
result powered by similarity search
Machine translation of English abstract
Similarity Search


 Table 1: Annual Fee Standards of Different Types of Users


Type of User

Annual fee

XML data download presented


Advanced user

9000 RMB


1 ID/1 User

Group usertype 1

30000 RMB


1 ID/10 Users

Group usertype 2

50000 RMB


1 ID/20 Users

Group usertype 3

80000 RMB


1 ID/50 Users