CNIPR Questionnaire
  • 1.
    What is your average frequency of visiting CNIPR English website?

    A.every day

    B.every week

    C.every month

    D.once in a while

  • 2.
    What do you think of the overall style of our website?




  • 3.
    What do you aim at upon visiting our website? A.get IP news in China and analyse Chinese patents C.look for business and cooperation D.
  • 4.
    What are the conlumns of your most concern? and data



  • 5.
    In CNIPR SEARCH (Patent Information Service Platform), which function is the most valuable for you in searching and analysing patents?

    B.analysis status search patent management

  • 6.
    Can the current Chinese database meet your demand?


  • 7.
    Apart from the service on our website, what else do you want us to provide?

    A.after-sale service


    C.BBS interaction


  • 8.
    If you have other suggestions, feel free to enter your comments.
China IP Laws & Focus
Weekly Patent Report

"For keeping up with the pace of innovation, IPPH produces regular patent reports focusing on applicant-watch and tech-insight for our customers based on our highly experienced team and official data. The reports will cover innovation-active industries such as material, biological, new-energy, and so forth, certainly the upgrade-frequency and specific tech-field can be customized on your demands."     

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