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Law enforcement inspection of the national market regulation system and deployment meeting of "Tiequan Action 2022" for the field of people's livelihood held in Hefei

Published on 03/04 2022  Source: SAMR


On February 24 and 25, the law enforcement inspection of the national market regulation system and the deployment meeting of "Tiequan Action 2022" for the field of people's livelihood was held in Hefei City, Anhui Province. The law enforcement inspection and "Tiequan Action" in 2021 were summarized and the key work priorities and "Tiequan Action" in 2022 were deployed at the meeting. Gan Lin, Deputy Director of the State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhang Shuguang, Vice Governor of Anhui Province attended and addressed the meeting.

In 2021, the market regulation organs at all levels carried out targeted actions with relevant departments, with strong deterrence of "Tiequan Action" fostered, remarkable results achieved in key areas, progress in stability achieved in the combat against IPR infringement and counterfeiting, basis for law enforcement continuously consolidated, and new contributions made to epidemic prevention and control, and social and economic development. During the "Tiequan Action", 94,400 illegal cases in 8 categories of people's livelihood were investigated and handled, and 1,935 cases were transferred to the public security organs. SAMR and market regulation organs at provincial levels exposed 1,310 typical cases in 159 batches, and held 38 press conferences. Mainstream media, such as the media of the central government, reported 13 cases in depth.

It was pointed out at the meeting that the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China will be held this year. The market regulation system should accurately understand the strategic intention of the central government, further improve the political judgment, political understanding and political execution, focus on the general tone of seeking progress while maintaining stability, ensuring and improving people's livelihood and deepening reforms of comprehensive law enforcement, and strengthen and improve law enforcement inspection.

It was emphasized at the meeting to do a good job in law enforcement inspection this year from the following five aspects. First, it is necessary to improve political position and solidly complete the tasks assigned by the Party Central Committee. Second, "Tiequan Action" will be carried out continuously to cultivate the brand of "Tiequan Action" that its law enforcement benefits the people. Third, special law enforcement in fields of food security, product quality, IPRs, and accreditation and testing will be promoted by focusing on the key work. Fourth, law enforcement system will be improved and capacity building will be continuously strengthened. Fifth, it is necessary to do a good job in the combat against IPR infringement and counterfeiting, and improve the level of combating IPR infringement and counterfeiting.

It was requested at the meeting that "Tiequan Action" will be carried out with persistence by centering on areas with the greatest harm, and the highest risk and pressure of market regulation that are most desired by the public, and focusing on the key commodities, key areas, and key industries that are related to the lives, health and safety of the people. It is necessary to strictly investigate and handle violations, such as adulteration of edible oil, illegal addition of food, substandard oil, false and illegal advertisements of magic doctor and medicine, false publicity in the field of medical beauty, refurbishment of unqualified gas cylinders, and unchecked elevators over time. Prescribed actions will be taken with optional actions, and crackdown and publicity will be attached with equal importance, with strong deterrence fostered and long-term mechanism constructed.