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Patent Management

Patent Management System is a kind of patent information management software developed to meet the demands of enterprise, institutions, patent agencies, information intelligence agencies and government departments. It can carry out a comprehensive and unified management on various patent files within enterprise or a specific region as well as patent related affairs during the patent application and examination. Through PMS, the patent management work can be conducted more efficiently in an orderly way. It can also facilitate the administration department at different levels having a full picture of patent situation within enterprise or some specific regions.


●Patent Issue Management:Classifying and managing patent issues in all processes of stage of patent application, examination and granting
●Patent application and examination process management. Clearly understanding and managing the status information in the workflow 
●Patent Search. Searching interesting patent and related issues by search form 
●Patent Alert. Setting patent timer alert, easily co-ordinating the patent managing work 
●Patent fee calculator. Providing tools for calculating all official patent fees, including annuities
●Patent statistics. Analyzing annual patent amount of applications, publication and granting and data under different legal status according to administrative region