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IPPH has a professional patent translation team. The translators, with rich translation skills and experiences, have various backgrounds specified in different areas. Most of them have study or work experiences abroad. The project management model is introduced for the translation. According to the specific field of document, the translation group with relevant background is chosen, and a examination group composed of in-house experts in specific area is also formed to conduct review and final approval for the translations.
The translation team of IPPH is devoted to providing high quality and high standard Chinese-English, Chinese-Japanese, and Chinese-Korean two-way translation with complete and accurate translation result, professional style and terms, standardized format as well as competitive price.


Based on massive Terms Dictionary, large scales of translation rules and regulations as well as bilingual sentence library, the Chinese-English and English-Chinese machine translation system can now produce the translation result with a comparatively high readability. The online real-time machine translation have been put into use and the human-aided machine translation have been developed to meet the requirements of customers both at home and abroad.

CNIPR provide translation of patents and non-patent literature in three ways – Manual, HAMT and MT to meet different demands of customers.