China develops semi-submersible aquaculture platform

Published on 07/05 2019  Source: Xinhua

BEIJING -- China has developed a semi-submersible aquaculture platform that harnesses ocean wave energy, according to its developer.

Developed by the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the platform integrates multiple functions including power generation, deep-sea aquaculture and tourism.

Some traditional aquaculture cages have problems including poor resistance to wind and waves, insufficient energy supply and inability to carry modern aquaculture facilities. Based on decades of experience in ocean wave energy development, researchers developed the semi-submersible platform that can harness ocean wave energy and received patents from China, Japan and the European Union.

The prototype of the platform has been delivered, and the institute will cooperate with companies to test it in a marine environment and further improve it.

The platform shows China's growing capacity in offshore aquaculture equipment and engineering, and is expected to promote the development of marine economy, according to the institute. (Source: Xinhua)