HK youngsters seek to make their mark on mainland

Published on 07/02 2019  Source: China Daily

In every summer and winter holiday, the organization offers internship opportunities for Hong Kong university students in different majors. Each year, the six- or eight-week-long internship program sends more than 100 Hong Kong youngsters to visit Shanghai.

Internships will be arranged in accordance with applicants' respective academic backgrounds. Mentors who have lived in Shanghai longer will also be introduced to help students adapt to the new place, Mak added.

For Hong Kong youngsters, "heading north" may be a bright beginning of carving out a career. It could also mark a critical turning point for their ambitions to really take off.

Go-to place for startups

As the buzzing startup scene on the mainland continues to produce a dazzling array of success stories and showcase its determination to shift away from reliance on heavy industry toward innovation, the pasture on the vast mainland market seems remarkably greener, where the vibrant entrepreneurial atmosphere and can-do spirit make it the go-to destination for aspiring Hong Kong entrepreneurs.

Kendall Lo, CEO and co-founder of Kazoo Technology, a Hong Kong startup that develops patented interactive natural user interface technologies to transfer digital information to other devices through capacitive touch screens, is betting big on the huge opportunities on the mainland.

"We have been able to locate new manufacturing partners not just in Shenzhen and across the Pearl River Delta region, but also further up north, where the cost of production is even lower than the southern coastal cities. This benefits small- and medium-sized enterprises like ours quite a lot," Lo said.

Lo believes that in Hong Kong, it still takes quite a while for stakeholders to shake off their conservatism, and muster up courage to disrupt the status quo and take the risk of "messing things up".(Source: China Daily)