Changsha county reviews achievements, charts future path

Published on 01/24 2019  Source: en.csx.gov.cn


The 4th Session of the 17th Changsha County People's Congress began on Jan 17. 

Zhang Zuolin, head of Changsha county and deputy secretary of the Changsha County Party Committee, delivered the government work report. 

Zhang announced that Changsha county's GDP is expected to grow by 10.5 percent in 2018. The added value of industrial enterprises above a designated size increased by 10.5 percent, total fiscal revenue soared by 24.98 percent, general public budget revenue rose by 10 percent to 23.7 billion yuan ($3.5 billion), fixed-asset investment rose by 15 percent, total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 9 percent, and per capita disposable income among all residents grew by 8.6 percent. 

Changsha county's real economy also continued to develop rapidly. According to the report, imports and exports continued to grow, accounting for one-third of that in Changsha city and one-sixth of that in Hunan province. The output value of the engineering machinery industry exceeded 100 billion yuan in 2018 for the first time. Several significant projects began in the county, including the development of self-driving cars and other advanced technology. A total of 22.6 billion yuan was invested. (Source: en.csx.gov.cn)