Two workers of Guizhou win China's Skill Award

Published on 01/22 2019  Source: eguizhou.gov.cn


Two Guizhou-born workers were presented the China's Skill Award respectively at the 14th High-skill Talents Awarding Ceremony, held in Beijing on Jan 17. 

Guizhou made up two of the 30 winners this time, signifying a new step in the construction of Guizhou's talent pool. 

Lu Xingfu, deputy monitor of second substation in Guiyang power supply bureau of Southern Power Grid, received the award this year. During his 20-plus-years career, he has made 25 innovations, with 17 national patents of utility models and two patents of invention. 

Another winner was Jiang Tao, a senior technician in the material forming department of Guizhou Aerospace Tianma Electromechanical Technology Co Ltd. Over the past 30 years, Jiang has handled 136 tough technical problems and has obtained 54 research results and patents. 

Jiang has also helped cultivate more than 200 talents for his company and his products cover a wide range of fields, including aerospace, aviation, and navigation. 

Held every two years, the award is the highest one given by the Chinese government for highly skilled talents, as well as the top honor for them. In previous years, only three people from Guizhou have received this award. (Source: guizhou.gov.cn)