SXU student wins top computing award

Published on 11/01 2018  Source: China Daily


Cheng Ning, an undergraduate majoring in computer science and technology at Shanxi University, won the CCF Elite Collegiate Award (ECA) at an awards ceremony held in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province, on Oct 26. 

Cheng is active in innovation and technological research and has registered five computer software copyrights, jointly applied for one patent and won many prizes in various computer related competitions, including the 2018 ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge. 

The CCF Elite Collegiate Award was set up by the China Computer Federation (CCF) in 2012 and is awarded annually to undergraduates studying computing or related majors. The award is designed to encourage students to be entrepreneurial and take risks, as well as to make use of their practical skills. So far, seven students from Shanxi University including Cheng have won the honor. (Source: China Daily)