Zhongjing Wanxi Pharmaceutical Co

Published on 10/26 2018  Source: China Daily


Located in Xixia county, Nanyang, Zhongjing Wanxi Pharmaceutical Co produces as many as 3,500 tons of Chinese-patented medicines every year. Among its hundreds of varieties of products, the most reputed ones are Yueyueshu Granules for dysmenorrhea, Zhongjing Pills of Six Ingredients with Rehmannia, Taisheng Zhenxintong (for cardiac pain) and Taisheng Naoxuekang Oral Liquid (for cardio-cerebrovascular diseases). 

The annual sales of Zhongjing Pills of Six Ingredients with Rehmannia, one of the best-known medicines in China, total 150 million yuan ($24.45 million), ranking first in the industry. Wanxi Pharmaceutical is the largest company among the top 500 Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises and the largest production base for traditional Chinese medicine concentrated pills, and takes first place among the top 100 industrial enterprises in terms of overall economic efficiency.