Miyun park sees rapid growth in biomedicine sector

Published on 09/29 2018  Source: China Daily


Zhongguancun Science Park (Z-Park) saw swift industrial growth in the biomedicine sector by the end of August, local media reported on Sept 26. 

Biomedicine key to Zhongguancun sub-park 

In the first eight months of 2018, the biomedicine industry of Zhongguancun Miyun Park generated tax revenues of about 315 million yuan ($46 million) and contributed nearly 82 million yuan to the fiscal revenue of Beijing's Miyun district. The figures were respectively up by 81 percent and 76 percent, compared with the same period last year. 

The sub-park of Z-Park has been making full use of its environment's resources and doubling down on the quality of development of biomedicine enterprises. 

Currently there are 26 large biomedicine companies headquartered in the area. Many of them are listed on stock markets in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong. 

They are committed to developing anti-tumor products, time-release preparations, medical equipment and traditional Chinese medicine. 

Beijing BeiLu Pharmaceutical Co, for example, was the first Chinese company to use traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Its unique composition was patented by the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA). 

The company's mixed-media injection products have maintained a second-to-none domestic market share for two consecutive years. 

Zhongguancun Miyun Park is ready to launch at least 16 biomedicine projects, more than the total projects of other industries in the park. (Source: China Daily)