Drones from Shenyang university used by police

Published on 09/14 2018  Source: China Daily


Shenyang Aerospace University and Shenyang public security bureau signed a cooperation agreement at the university in Shenyang, capital of Liaoning province, on Sept 8. 

At the signing ceremony, the SYJ series of police drones independently developed by Shenyang Aerospace University made their debut. 

The drones are equipped with artificial intelligence technology, which enables them to have better performance in object recognition, positioning, and trajectory prediction compared to other drones. 

This series of drones can effectively perform combat missions under complex conditions, its unique advantages being long flying hours, low noise, good interference resistance, wind-resistance, and rain-resistance, as well as the ability of doing combat in a formation. 

The drones can quickly and efficiently complete tasks such as emergency rescue, land search and rescue, aerial observation, and obtaining evidence at a crime scene. 

The team responsible for developing the drones at Shenyang Aerospace University has been engaged in R&D of small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems for a long time. They have more than ten patented technologies including a UAV pneumatic launcher and UAV aerodynamic layout. (Source: China Daily)