Industrial robot gives a strong hand

Published on 08/16 2018  Source: China Daily


Tsinghua Tongchuang Robots, a Chinese all-rounder of intelligent painting services, recently finished upgrading a client's reefer container production line. 

Those upgrades will eliminate many inconveniences for those working in the painting industry, which requires workers to wear heavy garments and protective masks for the sake of their health. Sometimes they even have to adjust and debug their systems through the night in order to ensure a steady work flow. 

Low efficiency, poor quality and high cost have long been the ingrained obstacles to the development of container producers, including Tsinghua Tongchuang's current client with whom they signed a contract in September 2017. 

After three months of intensive and detailed preparation, Tongchuang's project team managed to install their intelligent painting system in just three days. 

The repeatedly optimized system, which consists of three standard robots and eight auxiliary robots, can paint a variety of different containers and showed stable performance in terms of equipment standard, painting quality and explosion-proof grade during the trial run. 

"With our new upgrades, the robots can paint an entire container in just six minutes, and all you have to do is press a button," said Zhang Sheng, Tongchuang's project manager, "An engineer told me he doesn't want to go down there any more since the robots are doing such a good job." 

Seeing the efficiency and quality of Tongchuang's solution, the client gave his thumbs up and added another production line to their contract. By now, the new project is already set to be in service. 

As China's leading provider of painting robots, Tsinghua Tongchuang Robot Co Ltd, under Tsinghua Holdings, was co-founded by the Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment and the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tsinghua University. 

Tsinghua Tongchuang is committed to developing painting robots and application systems. With rich project experience and dozens of patents, the company is gradually expanding a full range of services and solutions, especially for industrial robots and automatic equipment. (Source: China Daily)