Makin' Dough with Dough: Yoola's popular channel So yummy launches in China

Published on 05/24 2018  Source: China Daily


YouTube MCN (Multi-Channel Network) Yoola, which boasts10,000 channels and KOL's (key opinion leader), 900 million subscriptions, and 8 billion views per month on the YouTube platform, has recently launched its food channel So yummy in China in partnerships with 1st Media, the producers of So yummy. 

The channel premiered on Meipai, Toutiao, Douyin, Weibo, and NetEase and has already attracted 1 million followers across the major platforms. 

In discussing So yummy's success as a channel Eyal Baumel, CEO of Yoola said, "So yummy became so popular because it's a very compelling format that is highly shareable. 

"People want to show the creations to others that are close to them, and to try to make it themselves because it's very appealing visually and looks tasty. The second reason is that the content is tailored and adjusted specifically based on users' feedback. For example, we are creating more dessert and sweets-related videos after we've identified that people really love this kind of content". 

Food videos are some of the most popular content in the world, with China being no exception, as food tutorial channels often rank at first place among tutorial categories. 

With so much related content available, So yummy attributes their success in the region to their unique international approach and emphasis on stunning visual production. 

Baumel states, "We think that the Chinese audience enjoys So yummy content because it allows them to see and discover different types of food in a very visually attractive way. It's something unique and new for them because most of these foods are not available in China. Also, they like the creative format, which can bring them new experience with foods channels." 

Connecting the World with Food 

Baumel suggests that food-related content was the most appropriate for launching in China, because food transcends borders and is something everyone can relate to. "We decided to launch So yummy in China because the content about food is the most appropriate for content marketing. There are no language and cultural barriers, and it is very visual and easy to understand," he said. 

To further develop a robust Chinese audience in the region, Yoola has built a local team to gain deeper understanding of Chinese audiences' preferences. Moreover, they've introduced distinctive and interesting versions of Western foods and have incorporated stimulating production techniques into their content development. This has propelled So yummy content to over 50 million views a month. 

E-Commence opportunities 

Besides branded content and working with food-related brands, Yoola is also exploring e-commerce opportunities, including having a So yummy line of deserts and pastries on offer in local Chinese bakeries and other food chains. Baumel is very optimistic about the potential of e-commerce through exciting and engaging content. "We believe this is a huge opportunity as we see a strong and growing trend connecting online content with offline products and experiences," he said. 

Providing unique benefits to content creators 

As a top MCN, Yoola is proving how creators can truly flex their creative muscles and reach audiences once seen as far beyond their reach. 

Baumel said, "Yoola is unique in its content globalization strategy as it takes western content creators and develops their brand and IP in China leveraging its local team, partnerships with major social media platforms, and Chinese KOLs. Therefore, creators have more distribution and monetization opportunities – both online and offline." 

When discussing Yoola's plans in China, Baumel said that they are about to start creating videos that are specifically tailored to Chinese audiences. 

"A few weeks ago, we posted a video asking the viewers what type of food they want us to feature in our videos. We received thousands of comments with lots of interesting suggestions that we're working on now," he said. 

No matter the content type, Yoola is committed to bringing more interesting content, brands, KOL's and various formats to Chinese audiences in the near future. 

Eyal Baumel, CEO of Yoola said "We have other content that we already distribute in China, namely DIY, sports, lifehacks. We might bring travel and fashion content soon." 

Yoola is currently cooperating with most major content distribution platforms in China and is always keen to find new partners that offer strong potential in the region, Baumel added.