Chuanxisuo-on-wheels running on Changchun roads

Published on 05/18 2018  Source: ejilin.gov.cn


The No 119 buses in Changchun are in the spotlight for their innovations in popularizing policies among their passengers. 

The fleet of 12 buses has become a kind of "Chuanxisuo-on-wheels", a mobile cultural center that promotes positive actions and publicizes theories regarding policies, laws, science & technology, health and culture. 

The decorations and notices on the buses change with the times, with themes ranging from traditional Chinese culture to the policies and spirit achieved at the nation's annual two sessions meeting. 

The No 119 buses are equipped with all kinds of publications and a notebook that collects passengers' complaints and suggestions. The drivers are publicists in intervals. 

Besides road safety, the drivers also publicize preferential policies and communicate with passengers. They make summaries and have exchanges with local Chuanxisuo in their spare time for further improvements. 

A role model of passenger service, the No 119 bus fleet has developed some convenient vehicle maintenance equipment and facilities. It has obtained 10 utility model patents in the past three years, which are now widely applied by other buses in the city. 

Changchun Bus Group has launched a Chuanxisuo in its IC card service center, which explains issues mentioned in the report delivered at the two sessions through various forms like flash mobs. Mobile Chuanxisuo are set up in the Group's six bus companies -- Dongsheng, Xichang, Nantong, Beida, Zhongxing and Bashi, which are scattered in the five districts of the city. (Source: ejilin.gov.cn)