Hanergy releases new thin-film solar Hantile

Published on 04/17 2018  Source: China Daily


On April 15th, 2018, a release ceremony for Hantile, a new thin-film solar chip product of Hanergy Holding Group Limited, was held in Beijing.

The new single-layer glass produce utilizes solar energy more efficiently. It integrates Hanergy’s world-leading ninth-generation CIGS flexible thin-film solar chip with roofing material.

The Hantile features a single rather than double layer of glass with each tile weighing only 5.2 kilograms. Although the weight is greatly reduced, the new Hantile is still highly wind resistant. And because of its lightness, the product can be applied to lightweight roofs.

In addition to standard triple-arch hantiles, Hanergy also presented Oriental-style semi-circular shaped Hantiles and multi-colored Hantiles that meet the aesthetic and individualized needs of different buildings.

According to Hanergy’s calculations, the elimination of emissions by every 25W Hantile has the same effect as planting a tree, which is much more environmentally friendly than building a house with traditional energy sources. Besides, the ability of Hanergy to "generate electricity" also increases its economic value to some extent.

As is recognized by the international community, climate change has become the greatest challenge of the 21st century. It has boosted energy reform, gradually reduced dependence on fossil fuels, and replaced fossil energy with renewable energy, now the mainstream of global energy reform.

To date, Hanergy has more than 2,300 patents worldwide. Li Hejun, the founder of Hanergy, delivered a speech at the meeting, saying that "I believe that the development of thin-film solar and mobile energy industries in five or ten years will definitely exceed our imagination!"(Source: China Daily)