Demonstration area powers tech and economic progress

Published on 04/11 2018  Source: China Daily


The Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone has become one of Shanghai's most powerful engines of economic and technological development.

The zone, which has been at the forefront of China's innovation and reform, is home to nearly 70,000 enterprises, including 3,759 high-tech companies. Spread across its 531-square-kilometer area is 22 industrial parks which serve different industries such as healthcare and software.

There are more than 1,700 research and development centers and more than 300 public service platforms and 42 academic institutes in the zone. Over 80 percent of Shanghai's high-caliber professionals have chosen to settle in Zhangjiang.

The zone is a gathering place for global experts who are keen to contribute their expertise in promoting innovation. They include 176 academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 586 professionals who have been included in the Thousand Talents Plan and some 45,000 overseas returnees and foreign experts.

In order to explore new ways to attract top professionals from around the world, the zone aims to continuously increase its capability in scientific innovation.

Overseas recruitment facilities have been built in 34 countries and regions around the world, through which Zhangjiang can select top personnel for integration into the zone's technological resources, projects and capital.

More than 100 projects have been introduced to Zhangjiang via these overseas recruitment centers, according to the zone.

Another key model for developing skilled staff is the establishment of training and practice facilities in the zone's key enterprises.

Statistics from the zone show that a total of 12 personnel training and practice facilities have been established by industry-leading companies, which aim to accelerate the development of professionals, technology and management.

Established in 1991, today the zone has nine industrial clusters covering pharmaceuticals, information technology, energy saving, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new energy, new energy vehicles, culture and technology integrated industries and modern services.

Zhangjiang has also paid close attention to promoting the protection of intellectual property rights, with its IP rights service platform set to become the largest of its kind in the country within three years.

In 2017, key companies in Zhangjiang recorded 4.25 trillion yuan ($672.12 billion) in total income. Total profits of those companies hit 282 billion yuan.(Source: China Daily)