Changping Park's industrial revenue surpasses 400 b yuan

Published on 02/13 2018  Source: chinadaily.com.cn


Zhongguancun Changping Park reported that its industrial revenue surpassed 400 billion yuan ($63.46 billion) in the report on Changping district government work of 2017 in Beijing on Feb 9.
Changping district has accomplished 49 annual tasks and projects on schedule in 2017. It introduced a series of high-level R & D platforms, such as Beijing Brain Science and Brain-related Research Center. They also set up a batch of collaborative innovation platforms for hydrogen energy technology and nuclear energy materials.
The district opened a series of science and technology service platforms including national intellectual property operations. So far, a total of seven industrial investment funds have been established.
Changping district added 850,000 square meters of maker spaces and gathered 230 experts of the country's Thousand Talents Program. It successful entered the list of of national intellectual property pilot districts.
The proportion of the service industry in the district was further increased while the gross industrial output value increased by 20 percent.
Changping Park is the second park to have established a strategic cooperation with Hebei, following Haidian Park. Changping district enjoys a unique geo-advantage as it is home to more than 20 colleges and universities, such as China University of Petroleum, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, North China Electric Power University, as well as more than 60 energy S&T and life science research institutes.