Pingyao partners with Palace Museum in cultural development

Published on 02/07 2018  Source: chinadaily.com.cn


The Palace Museum in Beijing will establish a cultural and creative research, design, and communication center in Pingyao county, which will open on March 25, according to a partnership agreement signed in Beijing on Feb 5.
The Palace Museum leads domestic cultural and creative brands, with over 9,100 cultural and creative products having been developed and annual sales exceeding 1 billion yuan ($159.01 million).
Taking advantage of the Palace Museum's experience in the area, Pingyao will introduce a top group of cultural and creative product developers and a trading platform for intellectual property rights.
The cultural service center of the Palace Museum will provide Pingyao with advanced design concepts, cultural creative ideas, and development teams, while sharing experience in operations and management, with Pingyao receiving authorization to use the cultural and creative brand of the Palace Museum.
Meanwhile, the Palace Museum will make the products from the new research, design, and communication center in Pingyao first choice when purchasing cultural and creative products and promoting them all around China.
The two sides will together develop the center into a provincial and national project in the cultural and creative field based on Pingyao’s unique features, helping Pingyao boost its cultural and creative industry and leading the integrated development of surrounding areas.