Michelangelo Investment's brand value ceremony held in Tianjin

Published on 02/05 2018  Source: chinadaily.com.cn


Michelangelo Investment held a brand value ceremony Jan 28 in Tianjin titled Spearheading with Glory. More than 100 guests from various walks of life attended the event.
"The keynote of the ceremony is to promote the core value of socialism, cultivate nationalistic spirit, solve practical issues and propel the development of society through building a cultural brand that touches upon films and shows, mass culture and traditional cultural fields," said Michal Lin, co-chairman of Michelangelo Investment.
There are many excellent examples of intellectual property and works in China that face difficulties in funding, leaving many talented individuals out of the spotlight. Michelangelo plans to set up an IP investment business through working with six major film events in China to select excellent IP and works from film festivals, including those online, and provide creative, capital, promotional and distribution services. By working closely with overseas mainstream media broadcasting resources, the enterprise hopes to support the launch of great works abroad, provide more development space for creators and allow more foreigners to understand Chinese culture.
Adding value to cultural products through innovation was also discussed at the event.
"By discovering and developing excellent IP in the film and entertainment industry, Art Capitol Culture has developed a special IP operating model to grow with IP and amplify IP value in the shortest time with all channels by applying product and branding logic; in the end, the IP can connect with capital markets through multiple channels," said Qian Xin, the general manager of Art Capitol Culture.
Several deals were signed at the ceremony between Michelangelo and other renowned companies.
"Through the fusion of these companies, we try to mold diversified and multidimensional company brands and create representative products to lead the industry and accelerate the development of cultural and financial fields. We sincerely hope what we are doing now can promote social progress and maximize socialist core values," said Marilyn Lu, CEO and co-founder of Michelangelo Investment.