CAS seeks closer partnership with Zhongguancun

Published on 02/01 2018  Source: China Daily


"The Chinese Academy of Sciences should get closer to Zhongguancun," said Deng Maicun, secretary general of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), at its innovation achievement exhibition on Jan 29.
The exhibition gathered more than 100 entrepreneurs and company representatives from Zhongguancun to help them gain deeper understanding of the latest achievements of the country's science and technology innovation.
Deng said that the transformation of CAS's scientific and technological achievements has brought newly added sales revenue of 1.7 trillion yuan ($269 billion) to social companies and profits and taxes of 228.9 billion yuan since the 18th CPC National Congress.
Liu Chuanzhi, chairman of Chinese computer maker Lenovo Holdings, said, "Zhongguancun entrepreneurs need more cooperation with scientific research institutions, such as CAS, to promote the industrialization of scientific research achievements and make greater contributions to the country's economic development."
Deng talked about CAS's targets during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) saying that the market transformation of its scientific and technological achievements should provide enterprises with new sales revenue of over 4.8 trillion yuan and profits and taxes of 480 billion yuan.
"CAS is expected to provide 150,000 jobs, incubate 5,000 innovation and entrepreneurship-oriented companies, and serve no fewer than 20,000 enterprises in technology development and transfer and technical advice and services," Deng added.
CAS will exploit over 10,000 patents in five years and the patent exploitation rate should reach 20 percent in five years.