Nanxiang promotes its animation and game industry

Published on 07/12 2017  Source: chinadaily.com.cn


Shanghai Animation Industry Association announced the launch of an original intellectual property (IP) committee in Nanxiang town's Huanqiu Economic City, Jiading district, on July 5.

The Huanqiu ACG (Animation, Comic and Game) Industrial Base was also inaugurated during the launch ceremony of the committee.

The committee will organize competitions to solicit outstanding, original animation works and offer incubation and investment services to help market and commercialize those works.

By using Huanqiu Economic City's advantages in game and film-television industries, the committee also expects to take the lead in China's animation and game industry within five years.

The base will focus on discovering promising startup teams in animation production, IP development, art design, and other creative culture fields. It will unite various resources to improve the growth of startups and nurture brand ACG companies to promote the further development of Nanxiang's cultural industry.

The committee and base are results of Nanxiang government's focus on developing its cultural industry.

The two organizations will promote the integration of culture, economy, and technology in Nanxiang, and advance its ACG industry.

Founded in 2012, Shanghai Animation Industry Association has expanded to 200 members over five years of development, integrating resources in the animation and game industry and leading to stronger industrial growth.