Yantai seeks investment and cooperation

Published on 05/19 2017  Source: chinadaily.com.cn


The eastern coastal city of Yantai recently rolled out a promotional film presenting its competitive advantages in a bid to attract greater domestic and international investment.

Jointly produced by the city's publicity department, the Yantai municipal government and the Yantai broadcasting and TV station, the film is available in four languages: Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. Through detailed data and spectacular images it demonstrates the city's social and economic realities from various angles.

The eastern coastal city of Yantai in Shandong province. [Photo/Jiaodong.net]

Yantai was one of the first cities in China to open up and is an important economic center in the circum-Bohai-Sea area. It is a logistics hub connecting the Beijing-Tianjin Economic Circle, Yangtze River Delta and the Northeast Asia Economic Rim. It is also a gateway city to Japan and South Korea.

The city has established special bonds of friendship and cooperation with 25 cities around the world.

Yantai is home to five national hi-tech industrial parks and ten provincial-level economic development zones. The Yantai government has simplified matters of administrative examination and approval and it always provide investors with a sound environment for business operations.


The Yantai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. [Photo/sdlb.gov.vn]

Yantai is already home to nearly 100 Fortune 500 companies. More than 10,000 multinational enterprises have established facilities in the city, contributing to its competitiveness in automobiles, computers, cell phones, wines, gold, ship-building and new materials. It was listed as China's Gold Medal City for Investment Environment 2006 as evaluated by the World Bank.

The eastern coastal city of Yantai has long been famed for its favorable regional advantages, long history, rich cultural resources and natural beauty. [Photo/WeChat account: yantai fabu]

Last year Yantai was named a National Forest City, which was a huge honor recognizing the city's environmental protection work. The woodlands in Yantai cover over 533,333 hectares, and the ratio of forest coverage has reached 40 percent, the highest in Shandong province.
The city is also home to a number of top academic and research institutions which provide human and technical support for regional economic development.

Innovation has become the crucial engine powering the city's leapfrog development. It has been named a national pilot innovative city, a national intellectual property rights protection pilot city and a pilot city for the innovative development of the marine economy.

A beautiful sunset view of the Port of Yantai, which has always been a major trading port for northern China, and a key starting point of the Maritime Silk Road. [Photo/Jiaodong.net]

Through more than 30 years of reform and opening-up, Yantai has made great achievements in education, culture, public health, sports and other areas. It has won countless national and international awards and titles such as a 2005 UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award, and was named one of China's most beautiful and unique tourist destinations in 2016. It was also chosen as a China Excellent City for Leisure and a National Civilized City four years in a row.

The convenient three-dimensional traffic network of Yantai. [Photo provided to chinadaily.com.cn]