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Youxian looks to shine at international science and technology expo

Published on 09/11 2018  Source: China Daily


Youxian district, a core area of the State-level Mianyang Science and Technology City, the only one of its kind in China, is organizing five activities and two exhibitions for the forthcoming China Science and Technology City International High-Tech Expo. The events are aimed at promoting win-win cooperation among participants and creating a better environment for development. 

The expo is taking place in Mianyang, southwestern China's Sichuan province, from Thursday to Sunday. 

"The high-tech expo is an important window for us to show and connect Youxian with the outside world," said Jiang Bin, Party chief of the district. 

"We have the foundation, conditions and confidence to build Youxian into a dynamic, ecological, legal, credible and happy place by seizing multiple opportunities and meeting the challenges of a new round of scientific and technological revolution," Jiang added. 

Knowing that a good governmental environment is crucial for investment attraction, Jiang believes that it is important for this inland region in Southwest China to seize the opportunities brought by an ongoing comprehensive reform and innovation pilot project in Sichuan and industrial relocation from China's eastern areas to central and western areas. 

Improvement of the business and entrepreneurship environment in the district should also give full play to geographical advantages and economic features, he said. 

Youxian, in recent years, has issued a series of preferential policies in more than 10 aspects such as civil-military integration, human resources attraction and e-commerce. The district government, for example, has set up an annual special incentive fund worth 10 million yuan ($1.46 million) to attract professionals and another 10 million yuan fund has also been offered as a reward for scientific research and innovation. 

The district has been carrying out in-depth reform in government affairs to improve efficiency. As a result, the approval period for projects has reduced from more than 200 days to fewer than 60 days. 

An internet of things intelligent park is one of the best examples of the improved efficiency. Built by Shanghai Mobiletek Communication with an investment of 3 billion yuan, the project took only 29 days from signing the contract to producing the first IoT module. 

In the past two years, Youxian has established cooperative relationships with 27 business-related centers, associations and companies to attract investment and high-quality human resources. 

They include an industrial transformation center in Shanghai's Caohejing Development Zone and business incubators at Zhangjiang Innopark, as well as the Entrepreneur's Training Camp of Peking University, the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Institution and the Junior Chamber International Hong Kong. 

The district also plans to sign a strategic cooperation agreement with Qingbaijiang district in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, during the high-tech expo to open the Chengdu-Europe freight train services to its import and export companies. 

In the current year, Youxian has to date attracted 28 projects, each with an investment worth more than 100 million yuan. 

The district has also worked on the construction of a fair and just society, and a credible government for years. 

It promises that every Party committee and government of Youxian will fulfill agreements they have signed and deliver on commitments they have made, in a bid to solve problems such as the lack of stable policy expectations and weakened government credibility. 

In February, the Youxian government was listed among the 2017 China's top 100 county-level governments in honesty and credibility, ranking 25th nationwide, fourth in the province and first in Mianyang. 

The district attaches great importance to attracting investors and skilled personnel, and focuses on the growth of young entrepreneurs by organizing trainings and sending them to attend high-level programs at Tsinghua University and Peking University, two of the most prestigious educational institutions in China. 

It has an annual budget of 3.5 million yuan to provide bonuses for talented people and has implemented several policies to allow them to enjoy favorable exit and entry procedures, resettlement, medical services and education for their children. 

Since 2016, the district has implemented a brand strategy, promoting high-quality local corporate and product brands through expos and the media. It has also encouraged companies to take part in the forming of industrial standards, to increase investment in scientific research and innovation, and to file more patent applications. 

Companies in Youxian filed 1,102 patent applications last year, 773 of which have been authorized. 

The district has enhanced its financial support for small companies. From January to July, it provided them with 56 million yuan of emergency lending funds, and its three financing guarantee companies offered services to more than 170 companies and over 570 self-employed people. (Source: China Daily)