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Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference coming to Guangzhou in October

Published on 07/06 2018  Source: China Daily


The 2018 Canton Tower Science & Technology Conference, to be held in Guangzhou on October 11 and 12, will focus on artificial intelligence and innovation, according to the organizer. 

Participants will share ideas on the industrialization of AI, trends in the industrial chain of information technology and smart terminals, and AI-related theories and policies, according to Zhu Dongfang, vice-president of IDG China, which organizes the conference jointly with the Guangzhou Science, Technology and Innovation Commission. 

Participants include business leaders, renowned scholars, government officials, investors and innovation teams from more than 10 countries. 

China ranks second globally in terms of both the number of theses cited in international publications and the number of patent authorizations in the AI field. It is also a leader in voice and vision recognition technologies. 

In its plan for the sector issued early this year, the Guangzhou government envisions an annual output of 120 billion in the AI industry by 2022, said Shi Pengfei, an official of the Guangzhou Science, Technology and Innovation Commission, at a press conference on July 4. 

Having evolved from the AndroidWorld Global Developers Conference held by IDG, this year's event will also include 14 panels, closed-door think tank meetings for the Guangzhou government and an award ceremony for the innovation contest. 

The panels will cover topics such as smart traveling, Chinese chips, female entrepreneurs, blockchain and financial technology,cyberspace and data security, and smart health care.