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Local events on the 9th China Patent Week

Published on 12/04 2015  Source: CIP News


During the 9th China Patent Week, Beijing carried out a variety of activities according the theme. Intellectual property administration by law training, enterprise patent information utilization capacity building forum, Chinese pharmaceutical R&D and patent protection dialogue, the second micro-channel knowledge contests and other activities were held.

During the 9th China Patent Week, Shanghai held a series of activities including enterprise intellectual property management system standards implementation lecture, patent supply and demand matchmaking and so on. In addition, during December 1 to 2, the 12th Shanghai Intellectual Property International Forum co-sponsored by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government and the World Intellectual Property Organization was held in Shanghai.

In the 9th China Patent Week, Liaoning Intellectual Property Office focused on enterprise needs, took full use of universities and research institutes as patent sources, and carried out patent technology exhibition and trade, training seminars, IP law aid and other activities to promote transforming and implementation of a number of patent technologies, to effectively solve practical IPR problems in innovation and entrepreneurship, and to effectively improve public awareness of intellectual property.

Sichuan launched a series of activities including publicity of IP policy, training course on commercialization of S&T achievements of college in Western China, hearing patent infringement case. 21 cities and counties in the province carried out some activities around the theme of the event.

During the week, Hunan demonstrated patent technologies and present patent products at the national patent technology (Changsha) exhibition center. The consultation of trading, commercialization, implementation and utilization of relevant technologies was carried out as well.