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NE China works on the development of robot industry

Published on 11/30 2015  Source: investinshenyang.gov.cn


A senior official from the city of Shenyang, Liaoning province has described their research results on robot industry in China, at the World Forum On Robot 2015, in Beijing, on Nov 24.
Wang Xiaolin, the city's deputy secretary general, told the forum that they have a solid base for robots with leading research institutes, and have already produced industrial robots and they have 149 patents on robots of all kinds such as for cleaning.

Tai Chi practitioner doing Tai Chi with a robot at the World Forum On Robots, in Beijing, on Nov 24. [Photo by Jin Liwang/Xinhua]


Wang went on to say that the government considers developing the industry with financial and personnel support very important, then noted, "We'll build a robot industry park and try to attract more professionals to establish start-ups."
He said they expect to produce 15,000 robots, valued at 20-billion yuan ($3.1billion) in 2017.