Measures strengthen IP protection in Hainan

Published on 01/18 2021  Source: China Daily


A basket of legal measures to strengthen protection and development of intellectual property rights in Hainan Free Trade Port was unveiled on Friday, as a move to help the country's southernmost island province attract more investors and promote technological innovation.

The measures offer stronger IP protection, particularly in new businesses, major industries, core technologies and new plant varieties. These measures have been written into a guideline by the Supreme People's Court, and were released about two weeks after a new IP court was built in Hainan.

On Dec 31, the Hainan Free Trade Port Intellectual Property Court, which covers IP-related civil, administrative and criminal cases across the province, opened to public.

The new court can not only improve the quality of IP case hearings and help create a better business environment, but also help raise the province's international popularity and help it play a bigger role in global economic cooperation and competition.

Based on the court, "we'll intensify the IP protection in some key industries in the port, such as in crop breeding, medical technologies, digital creations as well as deep sea and deep space," said Chen Wenping, vice-president of the Hainan High People's Court.

"We'll also accelerate the making and improvement of rules on patent protection in the sections."

He highlighted the IP protection in the port's technological innovations and new businesses, including those on big data, biology, pharmacy, block chain and artificial intelligence, regarding it as a crucial means to serve high-tech industrial development and upgrading.

Qin Fei, a professor from the faculty of materials and manufacturing at Beijing University of Technology, lauded the judicial measures given to Hainan in strengthening IP protection, "because the stricter guarantee we provide for patents and trademarks, the more overseas enterprises will be attracted to invest in the port".

The 30-article guideline also supports Hainan to establish a center to resolve international commercial disputes by diversified means, including mediation, arbitration and litigation, according to Tao Kaiyuan, vice-president of the top court.

She added the country's International Commercial Court will also build a contact station in Hainan to guide the province to offer better legal services while handling relevant cases.(Source:China Daily)