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Measures for administration of "Friendly Shandong" trademark issued

 Source: China Daily


The Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism issued measures to boost the "Friendly Shandong" trademark on April 15 by standardizing and strengthening its use and management. The regulations will go into effect on May 1 this year.

The regulations consist of seven chapters and 23 articles, including general provisions, trademark administration, scope and conditions of the trademark usage license, procedures for the trademark license, rights and obligations of the users of the trademark license, the protection of the exclusive right to use the trademark, and supplementary provisions.

The Shandong tourism promotion center was entrusted by the Shandong Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism to manage the "Friendly Shandong" trademark.

According to the regulations, the trademark is authorized to be used in two situations -- free use for public welfare purposes and paid use for commercial purposes.

The Shandong tourism promotion center permits natural persons, legal persons and unincorporated organizations to use the trademark for public welfare purposes or for commercial purposes.

The regulations forbid violations of the exclusive right of the trademark, including licensing others to use the trademark without the permission of the Shandong tourism promotion center, as well as violations of the provisions of the licensing contract, such as selling goods that infringe upon the exclusive right of the trademark or forging the trademark without authorization.(Source: China Daily)