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13,000 batches of infringement goods seized by the customs so far this year

Published on 05/07 2018  Source: China Inspection and Quarantine Times


On May 2, it was learned from General Administration of Customs of China(GACC) that as of April 24, the customs nationwide have seized 12,947 batches of infringement goods for import and export since this year, up by 1.6 times as compared to the same period of previous year. 

Since 2018, based on the requirements of“advocating the innovation culture and strengthening IPR creation, protection and utilization”stated in the Report of 19th CPC National Congress, the customs nationwide have combined crackdown, prevention and promotion to continue their efforts on anti-IPR infringement and service and have achieved new progress in IPR customs protection. Now, GACC and Federal Customs Service of Russia are jointly carrying out the 4-month IPR protection operation for World Cup. 

GACC indicated that it will further leverage its strengthen in the ports to strengthen the application of new technology, like big data, cloud computing and mobile Internet so as to enhance the capabilities of criminal clue discovery, collection and identification. The domestic and international law enforcement cooperation will be consolidated and the chain-based governance from production source to circulation channel and consumer terminals will be improved. The transformation of regulation in a single area and a single sector to that across different regions and sectors as well as across the national boundaries will be enhanced. (Source: China Inspection and Quarantine Times)