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IC design alliance set up in Wuxi

Published on 11/30 2018  Source: China Daily


A professional alliance for integrated circuit (IC) design was established at the National Integrated Circuit Design (Wuxi) Center on Nov 27. 

The alliance, with a focus on the technology innovation of the IC design industry, aims to break the bottleneck of industry-university-research institute development, form core competitiveness and develop new innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation modes which features the government's platform services, the company's subject roles and the university's technological support, as well as to boost resource sharing among companies, universities and governments. 

During the ceremony, the alliance presented 14 cutting-edge IC technologies and invited related companies and institutes for joint research and development. 

Liu Dai, chairman of China Key System and Integrated Circuit Co, said that the 14 research projects will strengthen the cooperation between research institutes and companies. 

"The alliance will play a significant role in facilitating its members' collaboration on projects, offering total solutions to regional intelligence, advancing communication and information sharing among members and making efficient utilization of innovative resources," he added. 

Moreover, China Key System and Integrated Circuit Co, the National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi, Wuxi Research Institute of Applied Technologies Tsinghua University and Taihu Wisdom Valley were announced at the ceremony as Binhu's first innovation and entrepreneurship incubation bases for IC design. 

The IC industry, the top of six major emerging industries supported by the Binhu district government, has witnessed thriving development with a number of high-end talents attracted there. The number of patents granted amounted to 300, focusing on the fields of information security, digital appliances, audio and video processing and multimedia application.