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NW China's first IP court inaugurated in Xi'an

Published on 03/12 2018  Source: english.court.gov.cn
An intellectual property court was inaugurated in Xi'an, capital city of Shaanxi province, the first of its kind in Northwest China, on Feb 24.
The court is expected to help integrate judicial resources in IP trials and improve their trial system amid the increasing number of IP cases.
It has jurisdiction over first-instance IP civil and administrative cases related to patents, technological secrets, computer software, and new varieties of plants, integrated circuit layout design, well-known trademark recognition and monopoly disputes.
The new court is also responsible for first-instance IP civil, administrative and criminal cases in areas under the city's jurisdiction except for those under the jurisdiction of lower-level courts and IP civil, administrative and criminal cases on appeal.
As one of the four IP courts approved by the Supreme People's Court earlier this year, the Xi’an Intellectual Property Court serves as a trial organization subordinate to the Xi’an Intermediate People’s Court.
Zhang Shuyuan, vice-president of the Supreme People’s Court, attended the inauguration ceremony of the IP court.