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NUMBERS (Dec.1, 2015)

Published on 12/01 2015  Source: CIP News


   According to data from SIPO, from January to September in 2015, China has received 709,426 patent applications, including 610,527 from domestic and 98,899 from abroad.

   According to data from SIPO, In September 2015, China granted 21,242 invention patents. Jiangsu ranked the first position with 2,981, followed by Beijing (2,793) and Guangdong (2,505).

   According to data from SIPO, from January to September in 2015, Guangdong submitted 11,337 PCT applications, ranking the first position in China, followed by Beijing (2895) and Jiangsu (1403).

   Latest report of WIPO shows that Chinese applicants accounted for more than 25% of the number of patents on 3D printing and robotics field, which is the highest proportion of all countries. In nanotechnology field, Chinese applicants accounted for nearly 15% in global filings, China becomes the third largest patent source country.

   According to statistics of Shandong APPRFT, in the past five years, Shandong Province has handled a total more than 900 administrative copyright infringement cases, 63 of them were transferred to criminal cases,  more than 110 internet piracy cases were investigated and  more than 160 infringing websites were closed.